Private Training Sessions

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The Final Touch are pleased to announce our private training sessions which can booked below.

At present our sessions are held at Lake Park, Narrabeen with more locations coming soon. The private sessions are 2-4 participants per 45 minute session.

Our private training sessions aim to achieve the following.

  • Assist and empower the athlete in reaching their potential
  • Analyse and review areas for growth aiming to reach new heights in both physical and mental fitness
  • Perform athlete baseline testing in order to determine current levels of physical fitness and areas for improvement
  • Speed development including sprinting techniques such as running form, stride length and stride frequency
  • Change of direction and reactive drills aiming to achieve agility boost and improvement
  • Learn and understand attacking and defensive touch football skills essential for the elite level

You can also check-out our programs here and further information about who we are is here.