Injury Data and Top Tips

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There is no denying that Australia’s top sporting codes have suffered increased injury rates since returning to competition. You only need to look at the NRL’s extensive casualty ward list to understand the severity of the situation. Check it out here-

The NRL’s injury list is concerning because these are professional athletes. Professional athletes who have been training both individually and in a team environment throughout most of the COVID lockdown period. They are being monitored closely by health professionals, coaches and managers to ensure that they are physically prepared for competition, however, they are still suffering huge injury rates.

As amateur athletes, we do not have the same luxury. We have spent most of the lockdown period training individually, often in the confines of our own homes. It has only been in recent weeks that we have seen the return of team training sessions. 

So as sport returns, we need to remind ourselves of our responsibilities as athletes, coaches, sports officials, managers and parents/carers. We all want to return to sport as quickly as possible, however, we need to ensure that we are physically prepared to meet the demands of our game. 

Our Top Tips

  • Control the volume, intensity and frequency of your training/playing schedules 
  • Ensure you complete a thorough warm up and cool down after each training session/game
  • A pre-season training block (approx. 8 weeks) should be completed before commencing competition/games


– Sammy & Ash